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The only thing that's missing from Omnifocus

Muhanad Alhadi has been pivotal to managing my tasks at work where work in a secured location and I must use a Windows PC and cannot bring any outside electronics. Great product!

Nicholas Friederich

I can now use Omnifocus on my work's PC without having to install a MacOS VM!

Yendi Cohen
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Access built-in Perspectives

View all your tasks from OmniFocus’ built-in Perspectives: Inbox, Projects, Contexts, Flagged & Forecast

Edit and Complete Actions

You can not only view your Actions, but also create or edit them. Currently you can: complete and Action, edit its name, flag it, set its due and defer dates and assign a project or a context to it

OmniSync syncs your data using OmniSync servers - there's no additional setup required


Your OmniSync credentials are always encrypted before saving in the database and decrypted only on the server to sync your data. All communication with your browser is encrypted using SSL

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